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As well as pork, Andy and Annabel have started to supply poultry.  Annabel has always had a love for poultry and has decided to sell eggs and chickens to the local area.  They have just successfully reared their first flock of Christmas turkeys and have decided to do the same for this year.  The turkeys are all free range and organically fed.  An oven ready turkey can be brought to your door in time for Christmas for £6.75 a kg.  This price includes delivery within a 20 mile radius.

1/2 dozen, free range eggs....£1.20

Andy and Annabel also have Light Sussex, Welsummer and Buff chicks for sale, from day olds up to laying hens.  Please enquire for the availability of the above.  Andy and Annabel also have the large strain of Aylesbury ducks and ducklings available.  They are also hoping to have Magpie call ducks on offer too.

Chicks up to 6 weeks....£3.50 per chick
Growers - 24 weeks.....£8.00 per bird
Point of Lay.........£14.00 per bird