Postbridge Pork


About us

Andy has lived at Merripit Farm all his life and Annabel joined him a year ago.  They have always had a love for pigs and have decided to go into producing pork.

Andy & Annabel have five breeding sows with two young gilts who will soon be old enough to introduce to the boar.

Their sows have a six acre field which is theirs to roam.  The field has gorse which allows them to forage and seek shelter when it's hot.  The sows have a large shed in which they all sleep together at night.

All the young stock is matured slowly, as nature intended.  They are not fed to be fattened as quickly as possible, but allowed to mature at their own pace, as we believe this gives them the best possible life and makes for a better tasting product.

Andy and Annabel have recently joined Meat Dartmoor.  This is a group of farmers who work independently but under the one name with the same aim of providing good quality Dartmoor meat direct to your door.   Each farmer provides something slightly different.  Andy and Annabel are the only pork producers in this group who farm mainly pigs in the heart of Dartmoor.  There is a link to Meat Dartmoor on the links page where you can find out more information about the other farmers and where you can find information about the local markets that we attend.  

Andy and Annabel attend the Walkhampton market which is in the village hall every Saturday along with Sue Martin who sells beef and lamb.  We also attend Mortonhampstead every other Tuesday and Postbridge Market which is every couple of months.  We do also attend various larger shows and events throughout the year.  Please do look at the Meat Dartmoor website which will keep you posted with forthcoming events.