Postbridge Pork


Andy & Annabel have been breeding pigs for the past year and have five breeding sows.
They have now started their own business called "Postbridge Pork".

Please see below for a list of products and prices.
Delivery is free within a 20 mile radius of Postbridge.
Please telephone 01822 880204 for further details.

We wish them good luck with this new venture.
See their "Meat Dartmoor" page here

Postbridge Pork

2009 Price List

All prices are per Kg

Back bacon rashers £8.00
Streaky bacon £5.00
Plain sausages £6.00
Flavoured sausages £6.15
Chops £6.50
Belly pork £4.25
Shoulder of pork £5.75
Leg of pork £5.75

Half & whole pigs also available.